Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

July with Me

I meet my blog, haha. This July, guys, I'm very happy to say it :D. And now the outfit of the day I'm going to post is "Simple July, Simple of Me".
Check this out :)

Previously, I never post a picture of me with my hair tied. But that day, I tried to tie my hair, hehe. And this is a picture of me with another hairdo :p

Jumat, 19 Juli 2013


We introduce, PAPELOOK SCRAP :D
A small business in the field of scrapbook (Handcrafts). Consists of Scraplayout and Scrapframe. It is handmade :). We also serve a variety of themes to Scraplayout or Scrapframe :) 
Please check on this blog. In addition we are also on instagram and facebook.
Instagram: papelookscrap
facebook: dea ayu delyara
Thankiss Papeguys! : D

Sweet Moments Theme

Perfect Summer Theme

Bithday Girl Theme

Birthday Boy Theme

True Friends Theme

And this is the order of our costumers: D
thank you so much our lovely costumers

 Interest to order? :)
Contact the contact person below, Papeguys
Line: deaayyu
Kakao: deaayyu
WA/SMS: 085730904848


Another Days with Brown!

Hay! Is almost 2 months I was at home. A very long holiday, isn't it? 
Guess what? Fallaaaa, I just bought new clothes, haha. Finally I get a peplum :D secondhand clothes anyway, but still really good. No prob laah, haha. Thanks to Second Girl Stuff :3

And as usual these pictures were taken by my sister, thankiss to Shilda Ayu.