Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

July with Me

I meet my blog, haha. This July, guys, I'm very happy to say it :D. And now the outfit of the day I'm going to post is "Simple July, Simple of Me".
Check this out :)

Previously, I never post a picture of me with my hair tied. But that day, I tried to tie my hair, hehe. And this is a picture of me with another hairdo :p

Jumat, 19 Juli 2013


We introduce, PAPELOOK SCRAP :D
A small business in the field of scrapbook (Handcrafts). Consists of Scraplayout and Scrapframe. It is handmade :). We also serve a variety of themes to Scraplayout or Scrapframe :) 
Please check on this blog. In addition we are also on instagram and facebook.
Instagram: papelookscrap
facebook: dea ayu delyara
Thankiss Papeguys! : D

Sweet Moments Theme

Perfect Summer Theme

Bithday Girl Theme

Birthday Boy Theme

True Friends Theme

And this is the order of our costumers: D
thank you so much our lovely costumers

 Interest to order? :)
Contact the contact person below, Papeguys
Line: deaayyu
Kakao: deaayyu
WA/SMS: 085730904848


Another Days with Brown!

Hay! Is almost 2 months I was at home. A very long holiday, isn't it? 
Guess what? Fallaaaa, I just bought new clothes, haha. Finally I get a peplum :D secondhand clothes anyway, but still really good. No prob laah, haha. Thanks to Second Girl Stuff :3

And as usual these pictures were taken by my sister, thankiss to Shilda Ayu. 


Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

14 June

Hey ya, this is a picture of me with wearing Flowery Pants by Zara Woman and Blue Denim Shirt. This photo was taken in one of the rooms in my own house.
As usual, my pictures were taken by my own sister, yeap! She is my favorite photographer :p hehe. by the way, thank you so much Shilda Ayu!

Jumat, 07 Juni 2013


Hello June! Hello friends! How do you do?
June is very fun, don't you think? June with greens can add a better mood, shaawtaaim!

Photo were taken by Shilda Ayu
#Dea #Photograph #June #Green #Tribal #Top #Skirt 

Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Quality Time

Goodnight! Cold night today in Malang City. Post a few photos while having quality time with loved ones. Yeah, my super nice boyfriend :D

 This is a photobox. Super quality night with him. 
#Dea #Arba #Boyfriend #PoloShirt #White #Brown #Jeans #Photobox #MalangCity #Indonesia 

Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

my everyday

Let me post something. hmm, simple clothing and a small smile. This photo shoot is already a very long time, but it's okay if I just post them right now? :p shaawtaaaim
My everyday :)

Some photos along with my ladies, Ajeng and Putri
Photos were taken by Zio
#Dea #ChocolateShort #NudieJeans #Hermes #CharlieJill #Photographer #Photography #AmandaJeans #Short #Pants #Shoes #Indonesia